In BrowserQuest, you need weapons to kill monsters. As you go through different areas of the map, you will find increasingly powerful weapons. This is a list of the weapons you can find in-game. But remember, in the updated version weapons will have level requirements.

Practice Edit

The practice sword is the sword you spawn in with.

Required Level: 1; Weapon Level: 1; Damage Dealt: 5~10

Steel SwordEdit

The steel sword can be found througout the village either in chests insided houses or on the ground. It is recommended to kill some rats when you first start playing until you reach level 2, then you can equip a steel sword.

Required Level: 2; Weapon Level: 2; Damage Dealt: 10~20  


The axe belongs to the viking-like armor. It is found by killing goblins and crabs throughout caves. It is the third weapon in order of level.

Required Level: 6; Weapon Level: 3; Damage Dealt: 15~35; Dropped by Skeletons, Goblins, Crabs and Bats it is a80% drop from these monsters.


It is a mace found in the Desert area, dropped usually by ogres. You need to be level 9 or higher to obtain it.

Required Level: 9; Weapon Level: 4; Damage Dealt: 20~40; Dropped by Ogres and Snakes.

Magic (Blue) SwordEdit

Can be found in No-Man's Land, sitting on an elevated hill with ogres, only accessible through a long cave  

Required Level: 7; Weapon Level: 5; Damage Dealt: 25~50; Dropped by Greater Skeletons.  

Blazing (Red) SwordEdit

Dropped by "eye balls", spectres, and Dark Knights who can be found in the Volcanic region and Desert reigons. Can also be found in chests or on the ground in the Volcanic reigion

Required Level: 9; Weapon Level: 6; Damage Dealt: 30~60; Dropped by Spectre and Eyeballs.

Ultimate (Golden) SwordEdit

Ultimate Sword

This sword can be obtained at level 12, when the final boss is fought and defeated. The boss, who is the Skeleton King drops the Ultimate sword along with the Golden armor inside of the volcano.

Required Level: 11; Weapon Level: 7; Damage Dealt: 20-80: Dropped by Skeleton King

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