Practice Sword

Practice Sword is the weapon we start with. It's a short, white sword, significantly shorter than a Steel Sword. It's the weakest weapon in the whole game.

How to obtain: Every player starts with this sword.

Damage versus:

Creature Name: Minimum Damage: Maximum Damage:
Rat 2 9
Crab 1 8
Bat 1 8
Goblin 1 8
Skeleton 1 8
Snake 1 7
Ogre 1 7
Greater Skeleton 1 7
Evil Eye 1 7
Spectre 1 7
Deathknight 1 7
Skeleton King 1 4

The damage was tested by player LadyAriadna by making a new character, getting Golden Armor without getting any better weapon and killing the listed monsters at least 20 times each to check minimum and maximum hits occuring. If you find any mistakes please edit the damage table.

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