When a player kill the boss and pick the gold armour, he have to join PVP battles to take the final platinum armour. PVP arena is situated in the bottom left house of the town, and it's the best place to make experience.

There are two teams (red and blue) which start from little islands connected with bridges to the central island. In the central island there are all kind of mosters (ecxept the boss), two house (they teleport to the other one).

Let's study a strategy for winning battles! I restarted the game a lot of times, and my account is now called Kkgobkk. With this account i never lost a match in PVP arena using a simple strategy, the same strategy I will share:

  1. When the battle starts, go as fast as possible to a teleport house, then pick the firefox poison and teleport you to the other house and pick the firefox another time. You will private the eney team of its firefox.
  2. Attack only players who walk alone or hide yourself behind a tree for do a little surprise for your enemies!
  3. If your team has an high score and you are winning, try to escape from enemies to keep the benefit.
  4. When there are a few seconds left, go to the three pillars zone and wait for the chests.
  5. See the image if you don't trust me!

Good luck!