Health Regeneration is occuring passively for every player when he/she loses health. Monsters do not regenerate health, so if a monster is too hard for you, a viable strategy would be to run around him and let your health regenerate then continue fight.

Health regenerates for a set amount depending on your Armor every 2 seconds.

Armor Name: Maximum Health Health per 2 seconds % of health per 2 seconds:
No Armor 80 4 5%
Leather Armor 110 5 4,5%
Chain Armor 140 6 4,2%
Plate Armor 170 6 3,5%
Ruby Armor 200 9 4,5%
Golden Armor 230 10 4,3%

Healing is instantly restoring health. There are three ways to instantly restore health in BrowserQuest:

  • Healing Potion: Restores up to 40 Health.
  • Rat Burger: Restores up to 100 Health.
  • Firefox Potion: Restores your health to full and grants immunity. With Golden Armor it restores up to 230 Health.