Hacking is commonly seen in two forms, falsely acquiring armor and falsely acquiring weapons. The extent of these is not limited to armor and weapons usually played within the game, some examples are, playing with the boss and with it's weapon, playing as nyan cat and with it's weapon, and playing as npcs, which do not have weapons. The method and code to do such hacking will not be included in this page, as hacking is for big bois only, sorry. Here's a screen shot of me and a fellow big boi hacker playing as rick astley.

Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 6.50.26 PM

as you can see, I only use my hacking powers for important things. If you really want to know this code, too bad cuz I wont tell you boi,

Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 6.49.37 PM

Not telling the code because, "when everyone's super, nobody will be". figure it out for youself boi