Enemies throughout BrowserQuest

All enemies (exept for Rats and Bats) start to attack you when you walk right past them, so be careful!


Rats Edit

Rats are found throughout the village, and are easy to defeat.


Crabs Edit

Crabs are found throughout the beach in the southern area below the starting village, and can drop axes.

Goblins Edit

Goblins are are small, green creatures that spawn in groups. They spawn in rocky and grassy lands.



Bats Edit

Bats are found in the forest. They are not hostile and deal rather low damage.

Goblins Edit

Goblins are are small, green creatures that spawn in groups.

Desert Edit

Snakes Edit

Snakes are... snakes. They spawn in rocky, but mostly grassy areas.

Skeletons Edit

Skeletons spawn in a rockier area. There are: Normal Skeletons, Greater Skeletons, and the Boss. The Boss spawns in the volcano area far from the village.

Ogres Edit

Ogres are large, light blue creatures that spawn in grassy, but mostly rocky places. They also guard caves.


Evil Eye Edit

The evil eye is a large eye. They spawn throughout the area, and deal low damage.

Spectre Edit

Spectres look like grim reaper, with glowing red eyes and dark clothing, wielding a scythe. They deal high damage but have lower defense than Evil Eyes.

Death Knight Edit

Death Knights are specteres with crowns and scepters. They do a little bit more damage than the specteres. They can only be found in the Skeleton King chamber.

Skeleton King Edit

The Skeleton King is a huge skeleton wearing Golden Armor and the Ultimate Sword. Killing him awards the "Hero" achievement. He drops the Ultimate Sword and leaves a chest near his throne containing Golden Armor, the best equipment in basic BrowserQuest game.

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