Browser Quest is one of the best adventure games I have seen. So far I am level 8 and I will show lower levels how to reach level 8.

Step 1: Training

In the village you spawn in there should be rats crawling around. So first practice killing all rats. When you level up to level 2 go north of the village and here should be a level 2 sword on the ground. Once you pick up the sword head south of your village. There is a lot crabs to practice your new sword on. Once your ready, you can go and start attacking bats which are ahead of the bridge which is north of the village. Watch out for groups of enemies. After you mastered handling bats you can start to attack the goblins. This goblings give usually give 8% damage per hit , so you can survive if you have maximum hp. After your done with goblins, you head ore north where you will see skeletons, goblins and these big blueish monsters. Don't attack the blue monsters just head for the goblins. Once your confident in goblins you can attack goblins. The first level goblin drops axes so there is a new weapon upgrade. In the Skeleton Level 2 they drop axes and armor. Its just regular wood armor. Once you reach a level 3 skeleton they will drop steel armor. And you should have a mace from the level 3 skeleton. Once your ready attack the blue-monsters they give you better armor. Once ready move up to the spectres. Trust me this monsters are very hard. They give 10 or more damage per hit so you need to be equipped. I usually survive with 2 hp left so after I go rest until 50 hp then attack rats to get hp potions. You should be a level 10 actually but I was level 8 and survived the spectres. Hope This helped

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