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"Eat More Pie!"Edit

Find player tswaggypee and he will answer all your problems.  He is THE best player, a player of equal skill, jake, can help as well.  We are in business from 8:05 to 3:05 Monday though Friday.  Avery is the worst player in the history of the game.  DO NOT TRUST HIM, he will steal all your things and probably just obliterate you.  FIND tswaggypee and jake for help. Bintoro Too . Bintoro Is Newbie Helper so , just talk to him if you Got Problem


1.Get all achievements
Golden Armor Icon
2. Get the best armor-picture no longer accurate: is now Blight Steel Armor of Darkness
Ultimate Sword

3. Get the best weapon-picture no longer accurate: is now Arcanis Long Sword of Light

WalkthroughPlay ButtonEdit

Explore inside houses and find chests

Train south of your town

Fight crabs and look for armour and weapons

Head north from village.

Keep killing and taking armour and swords.



The final boss, the Skeleton King is about 5 maps types North, in a volcanic cave. The gold armor and sword is dropped when he dies.

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