BrowserQuest is a game created by Franck Lecollinet, Guillaume Lecollinet and the Mozilla Corporation. It's a HTML5 and WebSockets showoff open-source game demo to show features of these two and let novice programmers learn from the open source code. The game can be played on any new phone, tablet or computer via a browser on[1]. The basic game has 20 achievements to obtain, 6 different armors, 7 weapons, 12 enemies to beat and three different consumables.

BrowserQuest Extended is a game that can be downloaded on phones via their stores and can be downloaded to a PC with Windows 8 or newer. The game there is called BrowserQuest which is why these two games are often mistaken. The easy rule of thumb is - if you play it in browser, it's basic game. If you download it it's Extended. BrowserQuest Extended has different server than the basic game so the browser players can't meet the extended players and vice versa. The extended version has a levelling system awarding you experience points for fighting monsters. Items like weapon and armor have level requirements. The highest level you can obtain is level 20. There are 8 more achievements, one new armor (Platinum Armor), one new weapon (Ultimate Platinum Sword) and one new area - PvP arena that allows players to fight with each other.