T-shirt / No armorEdit


The starting attire. It provides no protection and you start with it by default.

Armor Level: 1; Damage Absorbed: 1~3; Max HP: 80

Leather Armor / Dumb stuff Edit

Leather Armor

This is essentially leather armor and can be obtained by killing a Crab. It's also found in some lower-level chests.

Armor Level: 2; Damage Absorbed: 2~6; Max HP: 110; Dropped by Goblins, Crabs

Chain Mail Armor / Amateur PackEdit

Mail Armor

This armor is stronger than the leather armor and is found in certain treasure chests and sometimes by killing ogres.

Armor Level: 3; Damage Absorbed: 3~9; Max HP: 140; Dropped By Skeletons, Snakes.

Plate Armor / Iron Armor / KNIGHTEdit

Plate Armor

Armor Level: 4; Damage Absorbed: 4~12; Max HP: 170; Dropped by Ogres, Greater Skeletons

Ruby Red Armor / demon suitEdit

Ruby Armor

Found at the end of a cave, in a chest, in the volcanic area.

Also dropped by reapers, and eyeballs in the volcano area, and are also shown in the "challenge"  where 4 reapers are surrounding a gravestone, after you kill all four a chest should appear and hold a Ruby Armor or Blazing Sword. Also found in "the end of a cave, in a chest, in a volcanic area"

Armor Level 5; Damage Absorbed: 5~15; Max HP: 200; Dropped By Spectre, Eyeballs

Golden Armor / The Second RulerEdit

Golden Armor

Golden armor is retrievable from a chest only by defeating the skeleton king (otherwise known as the final boss).

You must be a level 12 or higher to obtain it in the updated version of BrowserQuest.

Armour Level: 6; Damage Absorbed: 6~1

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